GrowthAid has commenced the process of safe water for over 4,000 people in the lower Manya Krobo Municipal Assembly. The project consists of drilling nine (9) new boreholes and rehabilitating 9 nonfunctional boreholes in Tseledom, Yonguase, Gyakiti, Oborpah, Buenyonye, Wawase, Oblemanya, Anumako, and Ayermasu..  This is being done with support from the Latter-Day Saints Charities. This project was a response to media reports of an outbreak of Yaws and other skin related diseases in the area. GrowthAid immediately responded to it by providing water, sanitation and hygiene facilities. The communities embraced the project warmly and promised to sustain and maintain the facilities.

Faces were beaming with smiles as the water sprouted from the ground. Parents sighed with relief as they saw with their own eyes the clean water they had always longed for. It was another great experience for the children as they looked on happily from a distance.

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