Stories of Impact

Since 2018, GrowthAid has been working in four districts across two regions: Lower Manya Krobo, Yilo Krobo, Upper Manya Krobo Districts in the Eastern Region, and the East Manprusi District in the North East Region.

In these Districts, GrowthAid, with the support of its partners Latter Day Saints Charities, Australia Aid, USAID, we have reached over 50,500 poor and marginalized people in communities and schools with safe water, improved sanitation and hygiene services and helped over 1800 people suffering from Neglected Tropical Diseases (mainly Schistosomiasis, Yaws, scabies and Lymphatic Filariasis)
In September 2022, with support from Latter Day Saints Charities again, we extended our services to the Sekyere East District in the Ashanti Region where we are implementing an innovative Health Systems Strengthening Programme.

Testimonies of our Impacts


Water crisis at Krobo Girls’ SHS has been so critical to the extent of forcing the students to steal water and cut pipes from Teachers Bungalows to access water. There has also been a spike in open defecation because of lack of water. The intervention by GrowthAid to provide a mechanised borehole to the school is a big relief and we will forever be grateful to GrowthAid and the Latter-Day Saint Charities.

Mrs. Agnes Aduahene-Chinibua, The Headmistress of Krobo Girls’ Senior High School

Shortage of water at ASESEWA SHS made students scout for water as early as 2 AM every morning and most times this affects our first period of the day. The stress of searching for water made most students tired, lose concentration and sleep during class hours. We are much grateful to GrowthAid and Latter-Day Saints for the safe water provided.

Bernard -The boy’s prefect of Asesewa Senior High School.


Girls are the most affected anytime there is a water shortage on campus, because of our special need for water at certain times of the month and there have been frequent shortages of water on campus. It is big relief for us to get safe water provided by GrowthAid and LDSC.

Jessica Akufo – The girl’s prefect for Asesewa Senior High School.


The Asesewa Government hospital depended sorely on the community water system which does not regularly flow and that has affected our operations massively since we largely depend on water for every aspect of our activities undertaken in this hospital. This completed water project constructed by GrowthAid with funding from the Latter-Day Saints Charities is a big relief to us and will help improve quality healthcare delivery and we are forever grateful for the gift of safe water.

The Administrator, Mr. Richard Owusu – Asesewa Government hospital.

My name is Lydia Maame Serwa Essah, the senior school prefect of Krobo girls’ SHS. Formerly, we depended solely on Ghana Water Company and because of the hilly nature of the school, the flow of water was not frequent, and even when it flows the pressure was not much, this made most of the students spend more time accessing water rather than studying or even having to rest. The infrequent flow of water also worsens the hygiene situation of girls on campus. Girls in their special times of the month would miss classes anytime there is no water for them to take their baths. With the provision of this mechanized borehole which is close to the dormitory by GrowthAid with support from the Latter-Day Saints Charities, we will forever be grateful for their generous donation to this school.

Krobo girls’ senior prefect, miss Lydia Maame Serwa Essah.


My name is Joseph Ogbordjor, the opinion leader of Akrusu, the residents used to walk for half a mile to access water from the Volta Lake. Water from the lake is not treated, they sometimes see worms and other solid particles in the water but because there are no other safe sources of drinking water, the community has no option but to depend on the volta lake for their source of drinking water and for domestic chores. Due to the use of contaminated water, diseases like river blindness and bilharzia were very common in the community. Since the provision of this water facility by GrowthAid with support from the Latter-Day Saints Charities. We will no more drink contaminated water and will be free from diseases. We want to extend our gratitude to GrowthAid and their funders for the gift of potable water.

Akusu Opinion leader, Mr. Joseph Ogbordjor.