GrowthAid and SkyFox Ltd have signed a five-year Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to work together to promote the sustainability of WASH services in GrowthAid’s areas of operation. Under the first phase of this MoU, GrowthAid will install remote water sensors supplied by SkyFox Ltd on its Afridev boreholes. The data generated by these sensors will help in monitoring the functionality of boreholes. The communities in turn will be enrolled on SkyFox’s supply chain system to facilitate the supply of spare parts to them.

Through this initiative, real-time data on borehole functionality will be available to aid decision-making at both the community and GrowthAid operational levels. Pump parts will also be available and delivered to the communities directly on request through a short message system operated by SkyFox Ltd. The overall goal is to reduce the downtime of boreholes and improve functionality.

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