Although some successes have been chalked over the years with regards to NTD’s in Ghana, there is a need for more work to be done in Ghana to eliminate NTD’s by 2030.

Over the years Ghana as a country has been struggling to fight tropical diseases and stop them from being neglected. These diseases are a major hindrance to development, it has affected the productivity and income level of the affected persons and has deprived the country of active working force. Again poor sanitation culture in the country is a major contributing factor to these diseases since it is one of the root causes which requires much attention and resources to tackle.

This year, as we launch the third World NTD’s Day in Ghana with the theme “Achieving Health Equity to End the Neglect of Poverty Related Diseases”, we strongly believe that unity is a strong catalyst to eliminate NTD’s. This can be achieved by strong ownership, effective and consistent participation of government, all key stakeholders, development partners, donors and all the various sectors in the country should work together to improve what we have already began to eliminate these diseases. What a great joy that will be, we look forward to the day where we shall no longer have neglected diseases in rural areas, urban slums and the whole world as a whole.

Together we can eliminate NTD’s!!!!!!

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