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You have a wonderful opportunity through GrowthAid to contribute towards eradicating extreme poverty in Africa. Our entry point is through the provision of safe water, sanitation and hygiene services to vulnerable, marginalized communities, and the prevention of NTDs. If this is your passion, you can join us in various ways:


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As a partner

We are seeking various forms of partners and collaborators. If your organization can be of help in our service delivery, in advancing our shared advocacy/influencing agenda, in action research and modelling, knowledge management or in any other form, kindly get in touch with us by completing the Expression of Interest Form here

As a volunteer/Associate

As a growing organization, we cherish skilled personnel who will like to work with us as volunteers or Associates. Areas where we currently need such help include finance, fundraising, programme support, policy analysis, IT, and people and culture. If you would like to volunteer your time in any of these areas, please let us know by completing the form here

As a Staff

We will be advertising on need basis. If you would like to join us on a full time basis, please keep checking this site for more information.

As a Donor

We are seeking short to medium term grants to deliver water, sanitation and hygiene services. We are also seeking grants and partnerships to roll our strategy and plans to prevent and manage NTDs in West Africa. If you are such a partner or you can give us leads to a partner, please get in touch with us by sending us a mail to  info@growthaid.org or call us on +233 303 209 006

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our success
stories[/trx_title][trx_call_to_action style=”1″ align=”left” accent=”yes” description=”There are many ways you can be part of our success stories to transform life’s. Be a partner, as a volunteer/associate, as a staff and as a donor.

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